As the former executive director of a grassroots nonprofit organization in Bloomington, Indiana, Elaine Guinn gained community respect within Bloomington and beyond by developing an innovative approach to address family homelessness that lowered or removed the barriers most emergency shelters impose upon homeless families with children (such as strict curfews, gender bias, marriage restrictions, and sobriety requirements). The shelter, New Hope for Families, has been cited as a success within the Bloomington community as a now thriving $500k non-profit in an area of southern Indiana currently struggling with a well-hidden yet fully documented problem with homelessness as college students and people of wealth push the local population out of homes and jobs. After resigning from her position as the leader of New Hope for Families due to an autoimmune illness, Guinn launched her own digital marketing business geared toward supporting small to mid-sized businesses. Guinn lives in her Spencer, Indiana, home with two amazing sons. She enjoys motorcycles, fly fishing, nature, camping, gardening, and planting seeds of learning wherever she may go.