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Our mission is to provide the most current human resource services to small and medium businesses to help our clients remain competitively strong in the market, all while meeting the often stringent regulations for the Department of Labor. We strive to provide a collaborative relationship in meeting all of the HR needs that your company has, and to do it in a way that is both affordable and provides lasting value. Located in Bloomington, Indiana and serving the Midwest. Follow the link below to learn more about our unique advantages and what sets KM Consultants apart. Improve Your Business Today!


” KM Consultants provided outstanding guidance and support for our start-up company. KM Consultants created our Policy & Procedures manual, compensation tables for key employees, and our new-hire on-boarding process. Kristi is a professional and personable consultant.  If your company needs HR help, KM Consultants will do a superb job. “

Matt Laherty, President, Platformatics

” KM Consultants have provided guidance and tools to make the process of HR less cumbersome and easier to understand as we develop our business. She has been readily available for questions both big and small. Having KM consultants on our team has strengthened us as an employer and as a business. “

Cathleen Weber, Owner / Director, Better Day Club LLC

” What a wonderful resource! Kristi, with KM Consultants, has been a professional resource we have needed for years. She has helped with exit management, answering of simple questions on how to handle situations, and has written policies for my company. I would encourage any business owner to use KM Consultants services! “

Liz Kalina, Executive Director, Eldercare Connections
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